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In Mourning for Our Nation

I have spent the last three days in bed.  When I heard the news that we are once again an obamanation, I cried.  I have been physically ill since tuesday.  I was never a big believer in “The End” or the Mayan Predictions or “prepping” until now.  Tommorrow, I will pick myself up, dust myself off, then start preparing for the end of the world as we know it.  With obama being re-elected, The End is definitely near.  Unemployment and the National Debt at the highest rates ever.  Illegal aliens flooding our borders unchecked.  Welfare scroungers making more than the people who work to pay for the welfare scroungers… tummy is starting to hurt again 😦

Some things passed in some states which are completely fucking AWESOME however!  I am proud that Gay Marriage passed.  I have always been confused as to why so many people who claimed to be so “Christian” would deny anyone the right to marry someone they loved.  As for the “sanctity” of marriage – who can fuck that up any more than straight folks!  Look at the divorce rates for “straights” and then STFU about Gay Marriage. 

Second, medicinal and recreational marijuana use.  PASS IT IN EVERY STATE!  How many people you know smoke a fatty then go knock or a liqour store?  NONE!  They’re too busy calling pizza delivery and vegging on the couch.  As for the medicinal use, it does amazing things for cancer, glaucoma, nerve and phantom limb pain.  And the biggest bonus of all…..If just ONE of the US States legalizes marijuana, then it cuts the mexican drug cartel profits by 30%   All we have to do is legalize and tax it here in every US State then next, remove the Schedule 3 rating on prescription medications.  A druggie is going to find a way – ANY way – to get their DOC.  The same druggie who is stealing to feed their habit would stop stealing if they could walk into any pharmacy and get their DOC without a script.   The same druggie who is going to overdose buying it on the street will overdose buying it from the pharmacy, but at least they won’t have to shoot some poor store clerk to get the money to buy their fix.

Ok……I’m going to go an start my preppers list to protect my family.  OMG….I NEVER thought I would say that in my life, but with obama being given 4 more years to destroy the USA, we must learn to take care of ourselves. 





The warping of Law

As I read about people using “the Law” to protect their actions, I am worried and scared for those the laws were meant to protect.  I am worried about those who are still being discriminated agains but don’t have the right media spin or hook to get the PC jumping on their bandwagon. 

It makes me physically ill to see the ones like colleen francis be protected to enter Women’s Dressing Rooms while folks like Nicky are denied entrance into the Military because of where they are in their GRS.  It makes me physically ill to see people like Nicky, Elizabeth, Jenny, and all the others who have worked so hard for acceptance for who they are, get shoved to the back because bastards like colleen francis warp the meaning behind the laws.

I have a migraine so will add more to this later, but stop and think about what really pisses you off with today’s laws then send me a comment or a PM and we will get into this in detail. 

What burns your ass?  Is it that the disability system has been warped until it is almost a joke?  Is it that there are generations of welfare abusers living off our tax dollars?  Is it that health insurance won’t pay for your birth control but will pay for Viagara? 

Sound off and let me know…..

Colleen Francis: Sex Offender for flashing penis at little girls?

I have just finished reading about a man who has been exposing himself to little girls in a swimming pool dressing room.  This is a full grown man with a fully functioning mind and body.  This is not someone who suffers from any degree of MR or is in a wheelchair and dependant upon someone else. I have seen cases where a male is allowed into female dressing rooms when they needed constant supervision by their female caretaker. That is not the case here.  Normally, opposite sexes are allowed in dressing rooms with a parent up until about the age of 6 or 8.  There is also normally a place for opposite sexes to change that is curtained or petitioned off so they are out of view.  This is not a case of someone changing in a private, curtained area with people complaining.  This is a case of a person who is presenting himself as a woman but while using the women’s dressing room that is shared bya  children’s swim team, he is exposing his penis to little girls on a regular basis.

Any other time a full-grown man with a fully functioning penis who had exposed himself to little girls’ aged 6-18 in a Woman’s dressing room, he would have been arrested for the sexual pervert he is.   Now these sexual perverts are being protected.  How? Well, they are protected under “gender identity” laws.  Claiming protection under “gender identity” means that a man can do whatever he wants in front of  female children and be protected. It means a woman can do whatever she wants in front of male children and be protected.   Why should this adult be protected but these children be exposed to something they are not old enough to even begin to understand.   These laws are protecting peole who would otherwise be arrested and listed on a sex offender registry.

Because this man decides that he wants to live as a woman while keeping his penis, he can have access to any female – only area.   He is free to expose his penis to your innocent little girl.   That is disgusting!  I’ve read where people say “just don’t look”….yeah….right!  Because a 6 or 8 year old is not at eye level with this creep’s penis.  Because when you are in a Woman’s dressing room, you should have to stop and ask “Is there anyone in here flaunting their penis” before allowing your daughter in to change for her swim class.  Because your average everyday White Conservative has to placate anyone who has a sob story that the PC brigade decides is more important that the good of the general population. 

Do not misunderstand me.  I have absolutely no issue with a man who wants to be a woman or vice versa.  I do not care if a man wants to dress in frilly panties.  I do not care if a man has sex with a man or a woman with a woman. I do have a problem with an act that would land a normal man in jail while you flaunt yourself in front of innocent children and claim protection because you are confused about your identity.  If you truly want to be a woman, why are you showing everyone you are really a man?  Why wouldn’t you live completely as a woman until you had gender reassignment surgery?  Why, at 45 years old, have you not had the surgery? You obviously have decided you want to be a woman, so have the surgery.  In today’s society, you can get loans for surgery and it is often covered by insurance (even tho things like Birth Control and Flu Shots aren’t but that’s another day). 

Colleen Francis made the statement “This isn’t 1959 Alabama. We don’t call the police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.”  No, Collen, we do not. However, we DO call the police for men flashing their penis at children.  It is called a sex offense and you should not be “protected” by the law for the same act someone else with the same genitals would be arrested for!

This is not about discrimination of a transgendered man.  This is about protecting little girls from seeing something that grown women are not even comfortable with.  This is about protecting little girls from something that is a crime.  This is about keeping little girls safe in an area where they were promised safety. 

 Colleen, man up and apologize to the little girls you exposed yourself to and their parents, then start using a private dressing room until you have a vagina.  Unless, of course, you are only doing this to fulfill some sick sexual fantasy or to get attention.

Update:  I would like for you all to visit another blog.  Ms Elizabeth has done some in-depth research on Colleen Francis and has located the actual police report as well as *****Colleen’s online profiles*****   This is massively important because Ms. Elizabeth ha found Colleen’s profiles that say Colleen enjoys having a penis, will never have GRS, enjoys having sex with young girls, and…. enjoys being an exhibitionist!   Please go visit Ms. Elizabeth’s blog – she has 2 posts. This link will take you to the update then you can go to the original post from there.

Opt-out NJ Senate Pres Steve Sweeney!

In response to little mia’s alleged transplant denial  for being mentally retarded, New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney and Democratic Rep Joseph Vitale rushed to create a bill.  They introduced S1456 which fines hospitals if they deny a patient based solely on the basis of them having a mental or physical disability.  It is currently on its’ way to the full Senate to see if it will pass there. In an election year, of course it will pass. It has all the warm fuzziness that the libs and dems are looking for in a cause.  It’s too bad, however, that the Senators are not more concerned with the actual organ donation and transplant system.  It is all well and good to say that everyone should be eligible for a transplant, but when the organs are not there, what good does eligibility really do.

Think of our current transplant system as a colander.   Our current system is a small bowl with a bunch of holes that we are pouring water into.  Some of the water will seep thru the holes, some of the water will stay in the bowl, and the majourity of the water will overflow the top.  That is exactly what is happening with organ donors and recipients.  The water that seeps thru the holes are the lucky ones who received their transplant.  The water in the bowl are those waiting.  The water overflowing the top are the one who will die while they are waiting.  Our system is broken and adding to the burdern helps no one.

We currently have a finite number of organs available. In most cases, you have to harvest organs after death.  There are cases, like with kidneys or livers, where you can harvest from living donors.  Either way you go, there just are not enough organs being donated to fill the demand for transplant.  As of today, there are 116,558 people waiting for a transplant.  Offiially, by tonight at least 16 of those will be dead.  The actual death rate of those waiting for transplant will be higher because “died waiting for transplant” is not listed as cause of death on the certificate.  The COD is usually CHF, pneumonia, MI, kidney failure, or whatever reason the person was on the list to begin with.  In reality, the number of people who will die today while waiting for their transplant will be closer to 250. 

Why aren’t Steve Sweeney, Joseph Vitale, and all those supporting S1456 passing laws that will provide more organs for transplantation?!  There are two very simple fixes for this problem. 

#1:   Change our current Opt-In system to the European Opt-Out program.  The Opt-Out system means that every person who lives in the USA would be a donor upon their death unless they chose to “opt-out” on their drivers license.  Currently, people have to choose to “opt-in” or specifically place themselves on the donor registry.  Most people don’t think about donating their organs.  There are people who incorrectly believe that organ donation will somehow affect the way their corpse will look in their coffin.  It does not. Your body will look exactly the same (as if it really mattered since you won’t be using it anymore) and your funeral will proceed as normal.  There are people who aren’t against organ donation, they just don’t realize the need is so great or they don’t realize they will be eligible for one reason or another.   For whatever the reason, the Opt-Out system still gives people the avenue to refuse organ donation but increases the number of organs donated because most people do not choose to Opt-Out.   Research the European statistics for yourself and see what a difference it makes.

#2: Stem cell.  Pass laws where stem cells can be used in every transplant procedure.  It is absolutely amazing when you look at what happens when a patient’s own stem cells are injected into the organ being transplanted.  It allows organs that normally would not have enough markers to be a “match” to the patient to not only survive, but thrive.  The stem cells allow the body to accept the transplanted organ is its’ own.  Patients are even able to stop taking post-transplant medications that they would normally be on for the rest of their lives!   Stem cells are harvested from your own body, then injected into the organ going into your body.  How simple is that yet the lawmakers like those passing S1456 are fighting stem cells.    It doesn’t make sense to fight something that can help so many people!

There are more options for increasing the organ donor base, such as increased awareness and education.  The important issue is that the lawmakers supporting S1456 realize they are taxing an overburdened system and that they need to do something to help rectify the situation.

Lawmakers – Do not just support the warm fuzzy bills that will get you votes because they are political hot buttons right now.  You were elected to make real changes that benefit ALL your constiuents.  Follow S1456 up with a bill supporting the Opt-Out Donor Program as well as one supporting Stem Cells used in Transplants.

Send your state reps links to this blog or a simple email asking them to do this for EVERYONE – not just those with MR!

*************************** In memory of someone I knew since we were aged 5 ******************************

It’s been 12 years since you left us, D.  You died because of PC BS that prevented you from getting your new heart in time.  You are gone but you are not forgotten.  We love and miss you D!

Superstorm Sandy

To all my family and friends on the East Coast who were in Sandy’s path….I love you all dearly and care packages are in the mail.  I’ve deposited emergency funds into your bank accounts and will help you out in any way I can.  Stay safe and I always have room for all of you here. 


Pledge is just a word

With all the uproar today about bad words, I began thinking about the pledges people are taking.  You see them on the Special Olympics site and on popular left/lib petition sites.  People are promising to never again use the forbidden word of the moment (RETARD for those not in the know).  People are screaming “off with their heads” for any public figure who uses any form of RETARD.   Well, except for obama, of course.  It was okiedokie when he said he bowled like he was in the Special Olympics a few years ago.  And of course, all those leftie/libs had no problems calling either Pres Bush a retard, but those don’t count.  Anyways, what good does this “pledge” really do?

A “pledge” is a person signing their name.  A simple signature.  It cost the signer nothing.  Today’s society digitally sign their name or check a box to like or dislike something thousands of times a day.   Today’s society is so wrapped up in the moment, so microfocused on any given situation, that I wonder if all those “pledgers” have given any thought to their promise beyond logging off their computer. 

A pledge or promise is just that.  It signifies the intention to do something.  What you do with it after is what holds any meaning.  How often do people check a box or sign their name to something, then go on with their everyday life without further thought for their “pledge”?   There does not seem to be a noticeable decrease in the use of the word RETARD.  At least not like there should be, if hundreds of thousands of people are promising not to ever use it again. 

A pledge is just a word until you back it up with actions.   I hope that all you pledgers step up and do not only what you  promised on the r-word Special Olympics campaign, but also stop using ANY word that refers to ANY disability as an insult.  You know, it’s not just the retarded who deserve respect, no matter what the special olympics tries to tell you.

I support Ann Coulter’s right to use retard

I got yet another request to sign a petition on trying to force Ann Coulter to apologize for her use of the word RETARD.  I am tired of hearing about something so trivial!  What about the REAL problems in the world?  What about the raping, murdering, beatings, thefts, national debt at $50,000 per person, nuclear threat from iran?  What about the children who go to bed hungry in the USA every night while we send trillions of $$$ every year to terrorists overseas in the form of “financial aid”?  What about the people who cannot pay their medical bills even with health insurance?  I could go on with more REAL problems in today’s world but instead, let us placate the victimommies  and dunderdads.

Once the WP are successful in banning retard from being used in any form, anywhere in America, what words will follow?

In our family, we have Alzheimer’s, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Lou-Gehrig’s, Rheumatoid and Osteo arthritis , loss of limbs, deformed limbs, cleft lips and palates,  breast cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, brain cancer, lung cancer, diabetes, syringomyelia, fibromyalgia, down’s syndrome, mental retardation, deafness, asperger’s, ADHD/ADD, ODD, depression…. I could go on but it should be perfectly clear that we have an indepth and intimate understanding of what it means to live with disabilities.   I do not understand why the word RETARD has caused such problems in the victimommies lives.

What about the other words that mean the same as retard?  Are those to be banned as well?

Synonyms for RETARD:

hinder, obstruct, baffle,  balk, bog, brake, choke, clog, crimp, dawdle, decelerate, decrease, defer, delay, detain, down, encumber, falter, hamper, handicap,hesitate, impede, lessen, loaf,  loiter, postpone, reduce, retardate,  slacken,  stall, changling, half-wit, cretin, idiot, imbecile, moron, stupid.

What about when the WP use these words to insult people for using the word retard?  I’ve seen them actually say “well when you use the word retard, it shows you are intellectual disabled”  hhhmmm….isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?!?!

What about slurs used by the WP that refer to disabilities other than mental retardation like psycho, crazy, or insane?  Are people with mental illnesses not as important as the mentally retarded?

What about words that refer to the symptoms of a disability?  Shouldn’t those words be banned as well?  They could offend someone who is unable to do something like “walk” might offend someone in a wheelchair.  Or “remember” could offend someone who has Alzheimer’s. After all, if the disability is offensive, shouldn’t the symptoms of the disability be offensive too?

That means along with retard and its’ synonyms, the WP must ban:  feeble, damage, mental, handicap, capable, incapable, lame, cripple, ability, disability, cerebral, brain, legs, limbs, wheel, chair, walk, run, jump, play, special, challenge, able, inable…..the list of words is infinite.

What about our books?   There are petitions now to force Ann Coulter’s publishers to yank her books from print.  Well, if an author uses the word retard in everyday speech and is censored, then surely we must ban every book that has retard in it. That means that every single book in this world must be removed from every single library, business, school, and home.  That means that the internet must be scrubbed clean and every article rewritten or erased as well.   Even Of Mice and Men must be banned and burned.

I know you might think that is far-fetched but consider this….the “r-word” campaign began by demanding that the medical definition and diagnosis be changed from Mental Retardation (MR) to intellectual disability (ID).  That seemed innocent enough and seemed to placate the victimommies and dunderdads.  Then…surprise, surprise….they began to demand more!  Now they are demanding that the word retard be removed entirely.  So if you think that banning books that have retard in them won’t happen, think again.

Every word could be turned into an insult.  Every word has the capability to offend.  Every person has the right to say every word.  Banning words is tantamount to burning books.  If we start censoring what people can say or read, then we are opening the door to censoring every aspect of our lives.  If one can be censored for one’s words, one can be censored (and punished) for ANYTHING that the PC-Brigade deems to be offensive.

Taking away any Freedom is the tip of the iceberg.  You can demand respect, but you won’t get it by force and censorship.


************To Dennis***********

Thank you for your civil response to my post.  It is appreciated.  I would like to clarify that, as Dennis points out, he is not the one calling for Ann’s publishers to drop her like a hot potato.  There are other petitions circulating specifically for that reason where Dennis is simply demanding Ann apologize for using a word.  He wants to make sure I add “loser” to the list of synonyms for retard.  I wonder, Dennis, if Ann had said “obama is acting like a loser/moron/imbecile” – you would still have been mad?   My point is why should that ONE WORD be so hurtful while others that can be interchanged with it are acceptable.   Answer that, please, sir.