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amelia and the great kidney transplant

Without doubt you have heard about the little girl amelia (or mia as her parents call her) who needs a kidney transplant but was supposedly denied just because she is retarded.  Everyone has heard of her because her parents made damned sure of it.  They made sure that they disclosed only the information that they wanted the world to know, then left the hospital unable to defend its’ decision because of HIPPA (privacy) laws.

Well I just read today that mia’s mommie got her way!  She successfully bullied the hospital into setting aside their transplant criteria and they are going to allow mia to receive a new kidney.  Of course her family is over the moon about this, but in reality, what does this mean for society?

What happens when the next person who is retarded needs a transplant but they’re rejected because, like mia, they have multiple medical issues and illnesses?  What happens with the next person who is retarded does not have a family member or friend who is a match for organ donation?  Will they pull a mia and use media spin to force them to the top of the transplant list?  Will transplant surgeons now have to worry about whose parents are going to scream the loudest rather than which candidate is the best physical match and has the best chance of survival?

If you are thinking to yourself “Oh, that’s not going to happen so why worry about it” then you are very wrong.  It WILL happen.  It will happen because there are not enough organs for all the people who need them.  Will all of you who are saying “but even kids like mia who sit there like a lump deserve treatment” then go to the child who is being denied and say “tough luck little one! I know that you are highly intelligent, aware of everything that is happening, but we are going to rob your future for this kid over here who will never walk, talk, or be anything”.   Are you going to go to the mother of 4 who has worked fulltime for 20 years and now needs a new heart and tell her “sorry dearie, but this person over here gets the heart because he is retarded so he gets jumped to the front of the line”.

Questions need to be asked and a new transplant criteria set into place.  Not all conditions rule out transplants but simply being mentally retarded shouldn’t give one the right to get a transplant either.  Are we going to do away with all criteria and simply put everyone on a “first come first served” basis?  Is it going to be whomever can get to XXX first gets to live – whether you are the best candidate or the most in need?

mia’s parents got what they wanted but is the medical community & today’s society ready for the challenges that are going to be coming soon.




The Word Police

Careful everybody!  The Word Police will soon be monitoring every word you say, write, or even think! 

We had to explain to children last night that they can no longer use the word Retard in any shape or form.  We had to tell them that they cannot say that their Uncle Joe is Mentally Retarded (which has been his clinical diagnosis for over 60 years , btw)  And no…it is not because Uncle Joe is offended, but rather because there are a group of self-appointed Word Police who are now forbidding it.  

How do you explain to a child that people are demanding that everyone be treated equally but at the same time one specific group of people be treated differently?  The WP say that it is all about “respect” .  How can it be about respect when it is not the fact that someone is insulting another human being but rather it is their choice of wording that is wrong?

Why is it ok that words like stupid, imbecile and moron, which were once clinical diagnosis for MR and still mean the same are OK while retard is wrong?  And why is it ok to call someone crazy, psycho, lame, or spaz?  Aren’t those words that describe a disability?  Or do the people with mental illness not count?  Do the people with neurological disorders not count?  If you aren’t afflicted with MR, then you aren’t as worthy? 

Let’s say that the Nazis….erm Word Police….succeed in banning the word retard from the dictionary.  What then?  Will they begin monitoring every person for usage of a form of the word retard?  If someone says “IT” will we be arrested for harrassment?  Will we be fined for improper use of the English language?  Will we be fired from our jobs and evicted from our homes?  Will the WP or PC-brigade insult us…Oh…wait….they’re already doing that cause of all that “respect” they have.

I have multiple disabilities.  My spouse and child have multiple disabilities.  Several family members and friends have disabilities.  Several family members and friends have been affected by illnesses such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s.  When we go out in public, we look as if we just got off a boat from the Island of Misfit Toys.  We are not offended by a word.  We are not offended by someone’s use of a word.  We are, however, offended by those who claim to be “loving,  caring, giving, patient, and respectful” while they constantly sling insults at you in order to force you to bow down to their idea of a what people should say. 



You are probably thinking that the windowlicker name I used in my previous post was kind of nasty.  You would be right.  The important thing to remember is that ellen herself chose the majourity of that name, I only chose the windowlicker part.  ellen thought it would be hilarious to call Ms. Ann Coulter that in a post on her blog after Ann used the word retard recently.  The reason I chose to use it toward ellen is because I thought since she found it so charming when coming out of her own mouth, that she would not mind when it was applied to her. 

The reason for my last post is because I am beyond tired of these PC people who say one thing and do another.   With ellen and her victimommies, it is very much a can’t see the forrest for the trees situation.  

Should people stop using the word retard as an insult.   Yes.  But only if they are willing to stop intentionally insulting people with any words.    Until you can stop insulting people in general, stop commanding the world change to make you happy, victimommies! 

I hope I have clarified my intentions a bit.

hey ellen seidman – STFU!!!!

I am officially calling BS on ellen seidman.  She writes a blog called lovethatmax that she started because of the little veggie she cooked when she was supposed to have a bun in the oven.   The reason this blog became popular is because she used her connections in the magazine industry to get publicity.  You know how it works….one woman sticks her nose up another’s ass and wiggles it around a bit then that woman repays the favor.  She used her connections and threw out a few PC demands and thereyago.

Hey ellen, you whoreson obscene greasy windowlicker:    Stop playing the victim!  Stop demanding that everyone change their lives to fit into what you believe to be correct.  It is not the word being used but rather the act of insulting.  When you, and all those pissing and moaning along with you intentionally insult another person then you are just as bad.   Whether you say someone is acting retarded or someone is stupid, you are saying the same thing! 

The  worst part of this is ellen and her victimommies also demand respect.  They command people to show respect for their  beliefs while insulting others who view life differently.  Two-faced much?!  And the whoreson obscene greasy windowlicker even freely admits in her posts that she speaks out of both sides of her mouth.  She freely admits that she demands people treat her differently while treating her the same.   Therapy, windowlicker!  Try it immediately!  At least for the sake of your daughter.  You have already damaged her enough by making her inferior to her brother just because she is intelligent and he is not.  Your poor little girl is not only going to be stuck taking care of your mistake for the rest of her life but while she is growing up she is ignored other than as a sidekick.  She is having to stare up from the base of the pedestal you’ve strapped your cabbagekid on because you’ve made the cabbagekid the most important thing in your family. 

Today’s society is full of victims and nothing will change until this victim mindset changes.  If you want to be treated as equal then stop demanding special treatment!

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