I support Ann Coulter’s right to use retard

by imcallingbs

I got yet another request to sign a petition on change.org trying to force Ann Coulter to apologize for her use of the word RETARD.  I am tired of hearing about something so trivial!  What about the REAL problems in the world?  What about the raping, murdering, beatings, thefts, national debt at $50,000 per person, nuclear threat from iran?  What about the children who go to bed hungry in the USA every night while we send trillions of $$$ every year to terrorists overseas in the form of “financial aid”?  What about the people who cannot pay their medical bills even with health insurance?  I could go on with more REAL problems in today’s world but instead, let us placate the victimommies  and dunderdads.

Once the WP are successful in banning retard from being used in any form, anywhere in America, what words will follow?

In our family, we have Alzheimer’s, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Lou-Gehrig’s, Rheumatoid and Osteo arthritis , loss of limbs, deformed limbs, cleft lips and palates,  breast cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, brain cancer, lung cancer, diabetes, syringomyelia, fibromyalgia, down’s syndrome, mental retardation, deafness, asperger’s, ADHD/ADD, ODD, depression…. I could go on but it should be perfectly clear that we have an indepth and intimate understanding of what it means to live with disabilities.   I do not understand why the word RETARD has caused such problems in the victimommies lives.

What about the other words that mean the same as retard?  Are those to be banned as well?

Synonyms for RETARD:

hinder, obstruct, baffle,  balk, bog, brake, choke, clog, crimp, dawdle, decelerate, decrease, defer, delay, detain, down, encumber, falter, hamper, handicap,hesitate, impede, lessen, loaf,  loiter, postpone, reduce, retardate,  slacken,  stall, changling, half-wit, cretin, idiot, imbecile, moron, stupid.

What about when the WP use these words to insult people for using the word retard?  I’ve seen them actually say “well when you use the word retard, it shows you are intellectual disabled”  hhhmmm….isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?!?!

What about slurs used by the WP that refer to disabilities other than mental retardation like psycho, crazy, or insane?  Are people with mental illnesses not as important as the mentally retarded?

What about words that refer to the symptoms of a disability?  Shouldn’t those words be banned as well?  They could offend someone who is unable to do something like “walk” might offend someone in a wheelchair.  Or “remember” could offend someone who has Alzheimer’s. After all, if the disability is offensive, shouldn’t the symptoms of the disability be offensive too?

That means along with retard and its’ synonyms, the WP must ban:  feeble, damage, mental, handicap, capable, incapable, lame, cripple, ability, disability, cerebral, brain, legs, limbs, wheel, chair, walk, run, jump, play, special, challenge, able, inable…..the list of words is infinite.

What about our books?   There are petitions now to force Ann Coulter’s publishers to yank her books from print.  Well, if an author uses the word retard in everyday speech and is censored, then surely we must ban every book that has retard in it. That means that every single book in this world must be removed from every single library, business, school, and home.  That means that the internet must be scrubbed clean and every article rewritten or erased as well.   Even Of Mice and Men must be banned and burned.

I know you might think that is far-fetched but consider this….the “r-word” campaign began by demanding that the medical definition and diagnosis be changed from Mental Retardation (MR) to intellectual disability (ID).  That seemed innocent enough and seemed to placate the victimommies and dunderdads.  Then…surprise, surprise….they began to demand more!  Now they are demanding that the word retard be removed entirely.  So if you think that banning books that have retard in them won’t happen, think again.

Every word could be turned into an insult.  Every word has the capability to offend.  Every person has the right to say every word.  Banning words is tantamount to burning books.  If we start censoring what people can say or read, then we are opening the door to censoring every aspect of our lives.  If one can be censored for one’s words, one can be censored (and punished) for ANYTHING that the PC-Brigade deems to be offensive.

Taking away any Freedom is the tip of the iceberg.  You can demand respect, but you won’t get it by force and censorship.


************To Dennis***********

Thank you for your civil response to my post.  It is appreciated.  I would like to clarify that, as Dennis points out, he is not the one calling for Ann’s publishers to drop her like a hot potato.  There are other petitions circulating specifically for that reason where Dennis is simply demanding Ann apologize for using a word.  He wants to make sure I add “loser” to the list of synonyms for retard.  I wonder, Dennis, if Ann had said “obama is acting like a loser/moron/imbecile” – you would still have been mad?   My point is why should that ONE WORD be so hurtful while others that can be interchanged with it are acceptable.   Answer that, please, sir.