Pledge is just a word

by imcallingbs

With all the uproar today about bad words, I began thinking about the pledges people are taking.  You see them on the Special Olympics site and on popular left/lib petition sites.  People are promising to never again use the forbidden word of the moment (RETARD for those not in the know).  People are screaming “off with their heads” for any public figure who uses any form of RETARD.   Well, except for obama, of course.  It was okiedokie when he said he bowled like he was in the Special Olympics a few years ago.  And of course, all those leftie/libs had no problems calling either Pres Bush a retard, but those don’t count.  Anyways, what good does this “pledge” really do?

A “pledge” is a person signing their name.  A simple signature.  It cost the signer nothing.  Today’s society digitally sign their name or check a box to like or dislike something thousands of times a day.   Today’s society is so wrapped up in the moment, so microfocused on any given situation, that I wonder if all those “pledgers” have given any thought to their promise beyond logging off their computer. 

A pledge or promise is just that.  It signifies the intention to do something.  What you do with it after is what holds any meaning.  How often do people check a box or sign their name to something, then go on with their everyday life without further thought for their “pledge”?   There does not seem to be a noticeable decrease in the use of the word RETARD.  At least not like there should be, if hundreds of thousands of people are promising not to ever use it again. 

A pledge is just a word until you back it up with actions.   I hope that all you pledgers step up and do not only what you  promised on the r-word Special Olympics campaign, but also stop using ANY word that refers to ANY disability as an insult.  You know, it’s not just the retarded who deserve respect, no matter what the special olympics tries to tell you.