Colleen Francis: Sex Offender for flashing penis at little girls?

by imcallingbs

I have just finished reading about a man who has been exposing himself to little girls in a swimming pool dressing room.  This is a full grown man with a fully functioning mind and body.  This is not someone who suffers from any degree of MR or is in a wheelchair and dependant upon someone else. I have seen cases where a male is allowed into female dressing rooms when they needed constant supervision by their female caretaker. That is not the case here.  Normally, opposite sexes are allowed in dressing rooms with a parent up until about the age of 6 or 8.  There is also normally a place for opposite sexes to change that is curtained or petitioned off so they are out of view.  This is not a case of someone changing in a private, curtained area with people complaining.  This is a case of a person who is presenting himself as a woman but while using the women’s dressing room that is shared bya  children’s swim team, he is exposing his penis to little girls on a regular basis.

Any other time a full-grown man with a fully functioning penis who had exposed himself to little girls’ aged 6-18 in a Woman’s dressing room, he would have been arrested for the sexual pervert he is.   Now these sexual perverts are being protected.  How? Well, they are protected under “gender identity” laws.  Claiming protection under “gender identity” means that a man can do whatever he wants in front of  female children and be protected. It means a woman can do whatever she wants in front of male children and be protected.   Why should this adult be protected but these children be exposed to something they are not old enough to even begin to understand.   These laws are protecting peole who would otherwise be arrested and listed on a sex offender registry.

Because this man decides that he wants to live as a woman while keeping his penis, he can have access to any female – only area.   He is free to expose his penis to your innocent little girl.   That is disgusting!  I’ve read where people say “just don’t look”….yeah….right!  Because a 6 or 8 year old is not at eye level with this creep’s penis.  Because when you are in a Woman’s dressing room, you should have to stop and ask “Is there anyone in here flaunting their penis” before allowing your daughter in to change for her swim class.  Because your average everyday White Conservative has to placate anyone who has a sob story that the PC brigade decides is more important that the good of the general population. 

Do not misunderstand me.  I have absolutely no issue with a man who wants to be a woman or vice versa.  I do not care if a man wants to dress in frilly panties.  I do not care if a man has sex with a man or a woman with a woman. I do have a problem with an act that would land a normal man in jail while you flaunt yourself in front of innocent children and claim protection because you are confused about your identity.  If you truly want to be a woman, why are you showing everyone you are really a man?  Why wouldn’t you live completely as a woman until you had gender reassignment surgery?  Why, at 45 years old, have you not had the surgery? You obviously have decided you want to be a woman, so have the surgery.  In today’s society, you can get loans for surgery and it is often covered by insurance (even tho things like Birth Control and Flu Shots aren’t but that’s another day). 

Colleen Francis made the statement “This isn’t 1959 Alabama. We don’t call the police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.”  No, Collen, we do not. However, we DO call the police for men flashing their penis at children.  It is called a sex offense and you should not be “protected” by the law for the same act someone else with the same genitals would be arrested for!

This is not about discrimination of a transgendered man.  This is about protecting little girls from seeing something that grown women are not even comfortable with.  This is about protecting little girls from something that is a crime.  This is about keeping little girls safe in an area where they were promised safety. 

 Colleen, man up and apologize to the little girls you exposed yourself to and their parents, then start using a private dressing room until you have a vagina.  Unless, of course, you are only doing this to fulfill some sick sexual fantasy or to get attention.

Update:  I would like for you all to visit another blog.  Ms Elizabeth has done some in-depth research on Colleen Francis and has located the actual police report as well as *****Colleen’s online profiles*****   This is massively important because Ms. Elizabeth ha found Colleen’s profiles that say Colleen enjoys having a penis, will never have GRS, enjoys having sex with young girls, and…. enjoys being an exhibitionist!   Please go visit Ms. Elizabeth’s blog – she has 2 posts. This link will take you to the update then you can go to the original post from there.