In Mourning for Our Nation

by imcallingbs

I have spent the last three days in bed.  When I heard the news that we are once again an obamanation, I cried.  I have been physically ill since tuesday.  I was never a big believer in “The End” or the Mayan Predictions or “prepping” until now.  Tommorrow, I will pick myself up, dust myself off, then start preparing for the end of the world as we know it.  With obama being re-elected, The End is definitely near.  Unemployment and the National Debt at the highest rates ever.  Illegal aliens flooding our borders unchecked.  Welfare scroungers making more than the people who work to pay for the welfare scroungers… tummy is starting to hurt again 😦

Some things passed in some states which are completely fucking AWESOME however!  I am proud that Gay Marriage passed.  I have always been confused as to why so many people who claimed to be so “Christian” would deny anyone the right to marry someone they loved.  As for the “sanctity” of marriage – who can fuck that up any more than straight folks!  Look at the divorce rates for “straights” and then STFU about Gay Marriage. 

Second, medicinal and recreational marijuana use.  PASS IT IN EVERY STATE!  How many people you know smoke a fatty then go knock or a liqour store?  NONE!  They’re too busy calling pizza delivery and vegging on the couch.  As for the medicinal use, it does amazing things for cancer, glaucoma, nerve and phantom limb pain.  And the biggest bonus of all…..If just ONE of the US States legalizes marijuana, then it cuts the mexican drug cartel profits by 30%   All we have to do is legalize and tax it here in every US State then next, remove the Schedule 3 rating on prescription medications.  A druggie is going to find a way – ANY way – to get their DOC.  The same druggie who is stealing to feed their habit would stop stealing if they could walk into any pharmacy and get their DOC without a script.   The same druggie who is going to overdose buying it on the street will overdose buying it from the pharmacy, but at least they won’t have to shoot some poor store clerk to get the money to buy their fix.

Ok……I’m going to go an start my preppers list to protect my family.  OMG….I NEVER thought I would say that in my life, but with obama being given 4 more years to destroy the USA, we must learn to take care of ourselves.