The warping of Law

by imcallingbs

As I read about people using “the Law” to protect their actions, I am worried and scared for those the laws were meant to protect.  I am worried about those who are still being discriminated agains but don’t have the right media spin or hook to get the PC jumping on their bandwagon. 

It makes me physically ill to see the ones like colleen francis be protected to enter Women’s Dressing Rooms while folks like Nicky are denied entrance into the Military because of where they are in their GRS.  It makes me physically ill to see people like Nicky, Elizabeth, Jenny, and all the others who have worked so hard for acceptance for who they are, get shoved to the back because bastards like colleen francis warp the meaning behind the laws.

I have a migraine so will add more to this later, but stop and think about what really pisses you off with today’s laws then send me a comment or a PM and we will get into this in detail. 

What burns your ass?  Is it that the disability system has been warped until it is almost a joke?  Is it that there are generations of welfare abusers living off our tax dollars?  Is it that health insurance won’t pay for your birth control but will pay for Viagara? 

Sound off and let me know…..